Tips for men on going out for the first time

10 July 2018

Many-many guy's stress about this the most and it is something to stress about. That is why you don't really get many Youtube video's about dating experts talking about the first few dates.

Tips for men on asking girls out

10 July 2018

Allot of guy's struggle to meet girls. I decided to share my experience with other guy's...

The golden rule you have to remember before dating!

10 July 2018

The golden rule is to always be yourself. There is however always space to improve yourself a little to improve your chances!

Remember, you have to be yourself from step one when it comes to a romantic relationship. If you are not yourself and you "act" the whole time to be with a person - it will fail in the long run when you become yourself. However, one this page we will give you some tips on how you can be yourself but also; how to win that other persons heart at the same time.

Below is a video from Anna Akana that explains it in a really good way. The video below is on Youtube and can be watch it on Youtube by clicking here.